eXplore Brown County

eXplore Brown County

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eXplore Brown County offers 14 world-class zip lines, the Fastest, Longest and Tallest Zips in Indiana! Soar over a mile of cable from heights of 20' to 70' through treetops, over hollows and our lake. The zips incorporate trees and poles, with a mix of both ground and elevated take-offs and landings. The length of the zips range from 80' - 1220' and include tower rappelling, side-by-side zips, scenic tree towers and The Screamer! a ¼ mile 1220' super zip, an adventure you won't soon forget!

eXplore Brown County also offers Paintball, ATV Tours, Mountain Biking, Camping Cabins, Camping and a rental party hall.  eXplore Brown County is a year-round mega adventure destination.





 The eXplorer Tour                                                 The Screamer Tour  

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sky bridge













The eXplorer tour includes zips 4-8, an eco-adventure                     The Screamer tour includes the super 1220' 1/4 mile twin racing zip
bridge and a final lowering rappel.  Allow 2.5 hours                          traveling at speeds of over 40 mph. Then race on the twin 320' gravity
Friday-Sunday February 8- March 31                                                     zip. Allow 1 hr.

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The Screamer & Paintball Package                             The eXplorer & Paintball Package

PaintballersPaintball field

This package includes the Screamer tour and a round of                         This package includes the eXplorer tour and a Paintball game.
Paintball. Zip tours begins at 10am, Paintball game begins                       Price is per person, great outdoor advenure for your closest friends.
at noon. Price is per person, gather your friends and have
an adventure! Friday-Sunday February 8-March 31
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